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Brandon Baltzell

Brandon Baltzell

LPL Financial Planner

I've been planning since I was five years old and told my grandma I was going to buy a big house for my whole family. I set my first career intention at the age of 8 when my dad taught me how to use a lawn mower. I wrote on a slip of paper that I would start a lawn mowing business when I turned 12.

This dream became a reality with Lawn Tamers, a venture I co-founded with my best friend, Patrick. We came up with the company name during a brainstorming session in our 5th-grade classroom. Patrick and I now co-own rental properties, including one where my mom lives.

 While plans shift over time, setting intentions acts as a compass, providing choices as we navigate the uncertain landscape of the future. I believe our lives are shaped by the choices we make, and clarity about our current and future finances can inform better choices.

 I help business owners, retirees, and growth-oriented professionals choose their optimal lifestyles and minimize taxes through forecasting and customized financial planning. My desire when meeting with new clients is to understand what they want most and determine how I can help them get it.

 I do this using the Axex Financial 5-step planning process:

  1. Discovery Meeting to determine fit
  2. Complimentary Financial Analysis
  3. Plan Presentation
  4. Implementation Meeting
  5. Dynamic Plan Review (ongoing)

Schedule a complimentary discovery meeting at to see if our process might be helpful to you. 

When I’m not striving toward personal goals or helping clients with theirs, you can find me up in the mountains or down in the desert, either skiing or mountain biking with friends.